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Neel Joshi
Group Product Manager, Google Assistant, GoogleSeptember 1

Without going into specifics, the biggest challenge has been cross-organization influencing. My time at both Microsoft and Google has exposed me to lots of intra-organization projects with varying levels of buy-in from each team. The level of effort and coordination required to pull not one, but two organizations in the same direction can be enormous.

As a PM - at any level - it's your role to effectively communicate why what you're trying to acheive makes sense for other teams, your company and ultimately your customers. Even if you're aligned on principles and strategies, there are dozens of other factors that you need to be able to navigate such as resourcing, ownership, tech stacks, recognition, branding, leadership opinions and timelines. 

Devika Nair
Director of Product, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, OracleJuly 20

Two constant challenges for me in any product role has been finding the right way to say no. This could be to your customers asking for a particular feature or your organization that has decided to prioritize certain aspects differently. 

The best way to overcome this challenge is by having your facts and data clear. For example, it is easy to convince leadership about your prioritization rationale if you have data to back up your claims, whether it is potential revenue or customer impact.

Veronica Hudson
Director of Product Management, ActiveCampaign
As someone who moved from a CSM role into product management, I get asked this question frequently. While my answers are specific to my own experience, I've seen them work for others that have moved into product roles as well: 1. The most straightforward way to break into product management is to make an internal move. However, this does not mean you should take whatever job is open as a means to an end. If you come into a role with a clear objective to leverage that into a PM job, it won't be received well.  2. Look for small but growing companies where you can get your hand...
Vasanth Arunachalam
Director, Technical Program Management, Meta | Formerly Microsoft
I personally enjoy my role. I think no challenge is insurmountable. If I were to think hard, especially at Meta, the pace at which technology advances is simply astounding. Especially in Integrity (a.k.a Trust & Safety) domain that I lead, the complexity of adversarial problems and the AI/ML investments we make to solve for those, is staggering. As a people manager I need to be deliberate about keeping myself up to date and grounded in my area of ownership.
Roshni Jain
VP of Product, Eventbrite
There is no right answer, but here are a few lenses I've used when providing counsel to others and in considering the companies I've worked with: * Is this a product that I'm personally excited about? I don't have to be the ideal customer, but is there something about the product that excites me - it could be that it's a problem I'm passionate about solving, an approach that is truly innovative or differentiated, a customer that's a lot of fun to work with, or a business model that creates strong competitiive advantage * Are the secular trends in its favor? Is the company lea...
Jeff Chow
Chief Product Officer, InVision
In the past, many successful consumer products could be successful by executing off of a single approach. You may have been an SEO driven org that was ok with an inferior UX but converted really well. You could be a high UX driven org where word of mouth spread based on the quality of the product, but the growth funnels may have been less optimized.   Now the consumer expectations are so high and the competition of mindshare is so intense that you do have to stick the landing and adopt the full suite of approaches right out of the gate to drive consumer adoption. This includes a deeper b...
Alexa Maturana-Lowe
Director of Product Management, Core Experience, Fivetran
Product management is a combination of a lot of different knowledge and skillsets but the core of the job in my opinion is three primary things: curiousity with a maniacle focus on the customer and getting sh*t done. Therefore, I'm really looking for folks who have shown by finding problems, understanding them with a lot of empathy, and solving them proactively and showing ugency and results orientation in driving outcomes (blasting through roadblocks and showing measurable outcomes). In my experience, these can be demonstrated in most roles - as a support engineer or CSM helping customers ...
Rosa Gonzalez Welton
Director of Product Management, Digital Acquisition, Growth, Customer Success, ServiceNow
When I first made the transition from B2C to B2B product roles there were two areas that surprised me, and which I had to approach differently.  Customer and Buyer Personas: I had been used to thinking about different customer segments and their needs, but generally my target customer was also the buyer. My experience was different in a B2B role.  I learned that I had to discern (via research, surveys, conversations with customer and with account execs) a range of customer personas, and that usually only one of them would make the buying decision. The other personas were important inf...