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Adam Kaiser
VP, Growth Marketing, 6senseAugust 8

SEM is an excellent way for a company to get up and running by responding to demand in the market. Early-stage companies who have not established their brand can start driving interest and opportunities immediately.

As an organization grows, SEM can continue to be a large part of its digital toolbox while adding in other areas, including organic (SEO), as the company's brand becomes known and it builds authority.

Erika Barbosa
Head of Growth Marketing, Observable | Formerly Issuu, OpenText, WebrootNovember 22

SEM is helpful at a variety of stages. I wouldn’t say there is a specific moment when a company should focus on an SEM strategy though. It depends on your goals.

Here are some questions to consider for when you should launch SEM:

  • How much coverage do you have from an SEO perspective? SEM is helpful while you are building your organic strategy.
  • How healthy is the company from a budget perspective? SEM oftentimes is a profitable tactic, but I wouldn’t say it is absolutely necessary.
  • What’s your company’s tolerance level for experimentation? While SEM is a more mature tactic, there is still a level of experimentation that comes along with it.

As someone who has built campaigns from the ground up, I’ve seen a lot of success with SEM. One pro tip to upgrade your SEM is to really think critically about tracking and reporting. If you can gauge performance through to retention you could really speak to what’s more impactful.