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Daniel Waas
VP Product Marketing, AppFolioApril 6
That's a great question and actually my answer to some of the other questions asked today. The way to influence without authority is to build credibility and trust. My thoights on how to do that overlap with many of my other answers but here they are in summary: * Get to know your colleagues and their priorities. Help them achieve those priorities regardless of whether they ask for help.  * Be transparent about your objectives, motivations, weaknesses, etc. * Be yourself. Have your work persona be as authentically you as you're comfortable with. * Don't take yourself too seriousl...
Eileen Buenviaje Reyes
VP, Product and Growth Marketing, 1Password | Formerly Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, LinkedIn
The quarterly planning process is critical in order to set expectations up-front about what product marketing can and cannot tackle. Ideally as part of that process, each PMM leaves a bit of capacity unaccounted for (my goal would be 10-20%). This buffer should accommodate any last-minute emergencies, scope creep on the priority initiatives, and professional development. As a rule, I don’t encourage the habit of accommodating ad-hoc requests. It’s a slippery slope that leads directly into product marketing “peanut-buttering” and being perceived as a “ticket-taking” service organization, so...
Daniel Waas
VP Product Marketing, AppFolio
Regardless of the size of the organization, there will always be a marketing and a product leader. They are your critical partners. Even in very large organizations with a matrix structure, you will still typically have these leadership roles for each business segment. As the organization grows the founder or CEO will be further removed from day-to-day operations and you're less likely to work with them. At AppFolio we are ca. 1600 people at the moment and key stakeholders I connect frequently with are: * Product VP * Marketing VP * Sales VP * The various business segment leaders * VP...