Madeline Ng
Head of Marketing, Google Maps Platform at Google

Your best play is to show up with an insight backed by data. I think many product marketers over-index on the product and not the market and you have an opportunity to bring market insight into the organization. Being new is actually an advantage because you won't be skewed by the history of the company.

You'll know what insights will be most impactful to your organization but a few ideas:

  1. Market trends - what is happening in the market overall? How is your company proactively making sure they'll be competitive in the future?
  2. Market players - who is your top competitor? What have they been up to and why does that matter to your company?
  3. Audience trends - who are the people you are selling to, or the people who use your products? Are they doing things differently now? What does that mean for your company?

All of these will differentiate you to your new team members and be really useful to the organization.

Mike Flouton
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
Become the go to expert on something - quickly. Generally, as a PMM, you want to be the expert on the buyer. Shadow as many sales calls as you possibly can. Develop relationships with customers. Call them, show up at their office, take them out for drinks. Compile a library of stories, personas, ...more
Melinda Chung
Director of Product Marketing at Adobe
With every new job, you have a period during which you need to prove yourself. As PMMs, we gain influence and prove ourselves by knowing the customer, market, business, and product better than others in the company. Figure out which one of those matters most to your company and your leadership, b...more