Loren Elia
Director of Product Marketing at HoneyBook

1. User research. Know what questions need to be answered and either work with a research partner or do the research yourself.

2. Leadership. PMM is the glue that brings multiple functions together and you need to be able to motivate and inspire everyone. You also need to be able to keep people on track with projects

3. Strategic thinking. Best way to influence cross-functional partners

Madelyn Newman
Director of Product and Customer Marketing at CallRail
Public speaking. Similar to Marcus' point above, storytelling is crucial to getting buy-in from other stakeholders. Being able to tell those stories in a meaningful way to a room full of influence is a powerful skill anyone in your organization should want to master. You need to be able to tel...more
Marcus Andrews
Director of Product Marketing at Pendo.io
So many different parts of a business can bennefit from better writing, clearer communication, simplicity, and storytelling. Those skills are really core to a product marketers skill set and and make for a really interesting session for non-marketers.  It's also fun to make up a product and de...more
Liz Tassey (she/her)
VP of Marketing at Blueocean.ai
Wow I love this idea! A couple of thoughts: 1. Customer-obsession: This is probably the #1 skill/perspective that we can help other teams embrace. Is this driving value for the customer, is this something they can easily understand, are we solving the pain point in a unique and diff...more