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Diego Lomanto
VP, Product Marketing, UiPathMay 11

Educate educate educate. When I started at UiPath i must have had 50-100 introductory meetings in the first few weeks. I spent time with every stakeholder that I needed to work with or that I needed to be an advocate. I did a lot of them by zoom but I also got on the plane and traveled a ton. You can't replace the in person impact when you are just getting started and getting to know people. It's really not a big secret - when you are new do a massive amount of outreach.

Pranav Deshpande
Head of Product Marketing, Modern Treasury | Formerly TwilioMay 6

Great question! The relative importance of these tips depends on your GTM motion (mostly top-down or mostly bottoms-up), but in principle they're all about contributing meaningfully to growing revenues and customer count:

1. Case studies - sales and demand gen love customer case studies. Nothing sells or converst quite like social proof, so creating a few case studies is a great way to get some early wins.

2. Competitive intelligence - competitive deep dives and analyses are foundational to PMM, but also immediately useful to product and customer facing teams.

3. Better web copy - if you've joined as the first PMM, chances are your company's websiste could use some work :)

4. Content - which types of content convert best for your business? Focus on those initially. At Modern Treasury, SEO was a clear winner for us earlier on so I helped drive the creation of Learn, our payment operations glossary.