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2 Answers
Blake Cummins
Blake Cummins
DoorDash Head of US Pre-Sales StrategyJanuary 18
To be successful in revenue operations you must 1. have a data analysis foundation 2. be a strong problem solver and 3. be a good story teller. 1. Data foundation: the requirements will change depending on your company's tech stack (SQL, Tableau, SFDC, etc.), but you must have experience analy......Read More
Shirin Sharif
Shirin Sharif
Adobe Sr. Director, Revenue OperationsNovember 16
The hard skills are table stakes: ability to analyze data and turn data into insights The most important soft skill, and the x-factor in my opinion, is having a thick skin. This is a thankless role at times, where you get blamed when things are wrong but get minimal or no credit when the sales t......Read More