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Kie Watanabe
Group Product Manager, HubSpotOctober 9

Lots of balancing! Balancing effectively summarizes the job of a PM.

Jokes aside...

Balancing user requests v. optimal design

I pay much closer attention to the user's pain (vs. the user's request). Abstracting the problems we’re trying to solve creates room for the team to take in further context (per the four lenses mentioned above) and come up with creative, innovative solutions that can also be validated and iterated on along the way. I also know I am not a design expert. I have been so fortunate to have had excellent UX partners to work with.

Balancing work life with personal life… marathon PR

I learned early on that I was not my best self when I was burnt out. Fortunately, before, during, and after business school, I’ve taken the time to reflect on my values and how I ideally would be allocating my time. Nowadays, I have strong boundaries that help me feel connected with the people I care about and fulfilled in my personal life (whether that be training for my next triathlon or going hiking up to NH for the weekend). Fortunately, I don’t have to try so hard because the leadership team and my colleagues at HubSpot are very supportive and respectful of enabling HubSpotters to be at their best.

My marathon PR is 3:04. Hopefully one day I’ll break 3!