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Wade G. Morgan
Product Strategy & Operations, AirtableFebruary 16

Our mission as a team is to clarify & accelerate the product roadmap. For us, clarification means a couple things:

  1. Do we know what we aspire to invest in over the next quarter, half year, or FY?
  2. Have we clarified our decision / prioritization framework of what causes an initiative to be above or below the line for what we will commit to?
  3. Do we have a shared understanding of the tradeoffs that will occur as a result of our decisions, and are we ok with the outcomes of the tradeoffs?

On the acceleration front, one helpful lens we've found has been:

  1. What are organic ways we can accelerate the roadmap?
  2. What are inorganic ways we can accelerate the roadmap?

Product & investment prioritization stems from company strategic prioritization, so it's critical to have a clear understanding of what the company is focused on and why, first and foremost. Organic levers to accelerate the roadmap could include things like streamlined internal process, quicker feedback & iteration cycles, strategic investment in particular product surface areas now to unblock / enable future developments down the road, and more. Inorganic levers to accelerate the roadmap could include product partnerships, technology partnerships, or M&A. 

In all, we measure success based on the degree to which these efforts clarify the direction of the product.

Kie Watanabe
Group Product Manager, HubSpotOctober 9

Success metrics and voice of the customer. Ideally, at the time of defining a product strategy, you’ve also invested time in thinking about specific Goals that are important to measure progress against it. The goals should be time bound and specific and may include product usage, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. Several product organizations (including HubSpot, Google, Spotify, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Airbnb) like using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework.

Metrics are important, but at the end of the day, the best true north is the voice of your customer. If your customer is happy, the rest will follow.