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Vasanth Arunachalam
Director, Technical Program Management, Meta | Formerly MicrosoftAugust 10

I’m assuming the question is about setting a ‘team’ vision/mission and one doesn’t exist yet. The mission statement is the “What” and the vision statement is an ambitious future state of what the world might look like when you accomplish your mission.

A crisp vision/mission statement serves as a strong identity for your team and guides them during critical moments of decision making, gaining alignment, prioritizing resources etc. Here is a framework that I’ve leveraged in the past to arrive at a vision/mission statement for my teams, collaborating with our cross-functional partners. Have each person in the working group articulate the following in once sentence.

  • Understand our role
    • Why do we exist?
    • What is our purpose?
    • What principles drive our product building?
  • Understand our customers
    • What does research tell us?
    • What problems do they have?
    • How are we helping them?
  • Understand how the future looks like
    • What’ll happen if we didn’t exist?
    • What does success look like?

Next, create the vision and mission statements based on common themes and ensure it aligns with the company’s vision & mission. These statements should typically be short, start with a verb, strive to be aspirational and endure the test of time. Once the working group of cross functional partners align, socialize with key stakeholders and the broader org. You might want to consider doing a branding splash (new logo, ordering swags) to get people excited about the new vision & mission.