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Alexandra Gutow
Director of Product Marketing at Snowflake November 4
I believe 2 parts of this have already been answered, but for the persona-/vertical-based question, yes! If you're taking to a user vs an executive, those messages likely will be very different. And l
William Davis
Vice President of Product Marketing at Workato September 28
Yes, persona messaging is a must always. I question I answered earlier has the framework I typically use for personas and an overall messaging structure.  Vertical messaging can be required if your co
Andrew Stinger
Head Of Marketing at Universe December 17
Yes! Persona-based messagingBefore I joined Coda, the team already had a set of personas derived from shared observations about who uses different kinds of technology within a team, and how they use i
Indy Sen
Hypergrowth Leader and Advisor at | Formerly Google, Salesforce, Box, Mulesoft, WeWork, MatterportFebruary 2
Done right, product marketing should be the company's messaging API . How effective you are in disseminating it and helping everyone sing from the sames songsheet is a direct reflection of how targete