Julia Szatar
Head of Product Marketing at Loom

This is the same as generally testing your messaging, but just segmenting your tests per audience or persona.

  • a/b testing emails and landing pages
  • using an agency to survey audiences for large brand campaings
  • direct user interviews
  • interviewing your frontline teams
  • competitive research

Sometimes you don't have time to do all of the above and you have to go with your gut and then evolve it over time as you get to know your product, users, and market better.

Alex Lobert
Product Marketing Lead, Creator Promotion at Spotify
When testing messaging, I like to start simple and practical by first talking to the people closest to the customer. That could be a sales team or a partnerships team. I typically bring hypothesis messaging to these experts and evaluate if changes need to be made for a given customer segment.  ...more
Jon Rooney
Group Vice President, Industry Marketing at Oracle
I don’t count internal debate/discussion or “inside the building” opinions to be testing per se, so I assume you mean external validation. In the realm of enterprise software (which is where I’m coming from), I’ve found 4 ways (best run in parallel then rationalized) to test messaging once you ha...more
Greg Hollander
VP of GTM & Strategy at Novi
I have NOT found success testing messages out of context, like in surveys. It’s hard for respondents to truly put themselves in a buyer’s mindset. I’d recommend putting messaging into practice, in context, in ways that you can test and iterate.  For example, look at lift in conversion on landing ...more