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Head of Marketing at Landed

Great question and not an easy one. There’s a difference between saying, “let’s shift messaging to go upmarket but retain and continue to build for our core SMB base” versus “let’s shift messaging and resources to go all in on upmarket, even if that means neglecting SMB.”

If it’s the former, it’s much easier to do because you can shift all your prospect messaging upmarket but continue to engage and speak to your SMB base as you have been. And you’ll still have a product ladder or offerings that meet the needs of your SMB and so you can effectively segment and tailor messaging. For example, SMB ads can go to SMB landing experiences and upmarket targets can have their own messaging funnel. If that level of segmentation isn’t possible, and you can only advertise to upmarket, having a visible escape hatch or way to identify SMB is crucial so you can carve those folks off to their own tailored messaging area, even if that is secondary or on a separate page.

I’d also focus on ensuring your 100% aligned internally with regards to the conversion expectations of your tailored messaging. If you go fully upmarket in your messaging, are internal stakeholders comfortable losing your SMB conversions? Or is there a threshold you need to maintain in which case you’d want to test your upmarket messaging with SMBs to ensure it’s not too alienating.

Director of Product Marketing at OpenTable
This is where segmented messaging becomes important. You can't just assume you can apply the same messaging to different audiences. For example, in your messaging briefs, you should be break down each target audience: what are their main pain points/needs, what is the positioning+key messaging, w...more
Head of Product Marketing at Loom
We are actively thinking through this at Loom and it's not easy! It;s is about creating channels/spaces for the different audiences and making it easy for each audience to read what is relevant to them. So, for example, you could have different sections on your website for SMBs and Enterprise buy...more
Director of Product + Customer Marketing at Resultados Digitais
While I’m not an expert on this topic, our team is in the midst of doing just that. One of the biggest levers we have is our portfolio of plans and some of our hypotheses are the following: -create a new up market plan -re position a core plan -down position or create a more simpler plan with ...more