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A/B testing and spending on messaging research are ways that we can test out messaging, but if we don't have budget to do that, are there other ways to qualify it besides having team members or some stakeholders provide input and attempt to wordsmith until concensus is reached?
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Connie Woo
Director of Product Marketing at OpenTable January 4
I find it helpful to put together a simple exec-level deck that incapsulates the key messaging, how I got there, and how it'll show up. I use that deck to organize my own thoughts concisely, as well a
Sarah Din
VP of Product Marketing at Quickbase September 24
If you have differing opinions across your org, you definitely need to bring some data to the table. Testing is a critical part of developing successful messaging, and testing or market research does
Andrew Stinger
Head Of Marketing at Universe December 17
Two-part question? Two-part answer :) Messaging Processes & Consensus The type of messaging we do varies depending on whether we’re looking at our entire product, a feature or set of features, o