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What's your cross-channel messaging development process?
How much do you tailor the messaging for your specific marketing channels, what informs this and how do you measure that it's effective for the channel?
4 Answers
James Huddleston
James Huddleston
Skedulo Head of MarketingDecember 16
I probably spend more time tailoring for the audience than I do the specific channels. When thinking about different channels, I put a lot of thought into how that information is consumed. Obviously messaging in a digital ad is going to be consumed differently than via email. I work closely with ......Read More
Andy Yen
Andy Yen
ServiceNow Global Partner Marketing DirectorJanuary 17
One of the most exciting opportunities in partner marketing is to scale messaging across different channels. Some of these channels may be new to your company and your core marketing team, and you'll learn a ton by collaborating with other marketers across these channels. But it's also critical t......Read More
Molly Friederich
Molly Friederich Director of Product MarketingSeptember 15
As a product marketer, our most important role is setting the core messaging strategy and positioning. This means having a clear and intentional view of who you're targeting, what you need to convey, and how they should feel / what they should do after encountering your message. From a cross-chan......Read More
Sarah Lambert
Sarah Lambert
Symphony Talent Head of Product MarketingOctober 20
Each channel has its own parameters for success be they length of message, medium or tone. I tailor my cross-channel message based on the channel audience and length but always connect back to the overarching messaging framework. The need for consistency in messaging - and reiterating the message......Read More