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Sophia (Fox) Le
Product Marketing at Glassdoor June 3
Per our head of PMM (Eric Petitt), it is important to think about and understand the market leader positioning because the leader often defines category expectations… as well as their weaknesses. And
Jenna Crane
Head of Product Marketing at Klaviyo | Formerly Drift, Dropbox, UpworkJuly 15
You change the conversation. Positioning is all about defining a target audience and a place in their minds where you are the market leader. There’s some great inspiration in the ‘Positioning of a F
Nipul Chokshi
Head of Marketing at Atrium September 8
One approach here is to re-define your market in such a way that you’re the leader of that market. That’s kind of what category creation if all about.Another approach here (again, leaning in to how yo
I actually don't think this matters all that much. Messaging should be anchored in the outcomes your product delivers to your target persona, and the key differentators that make you uniquely suited t
Malli Vangala
Chief Strategy Officer at Circana | Formerly Microsoft, SAP, McKinseyOctober 7
I am a believer that your messaging/positioning has to be consistent with how differentiated your product really is. Customers will quickly figure out what is marketing fluff vs. product truth anyway!
Lawson Abinanti
Co-Founder at Messages That Matter February 23
You differentiate by first creating a perceptual map that makes it easy to see how your competitors are positioned relative to each other. Use the perceptual map while creating positioning statement o