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Kate Sheridan
Director of Product Marketing, BoltAugust 21

Awareness and the top of the funnel are key. With a new category, you'll need to make prospects aware of the problem you're solving and convince them that this is a problem they have. While some ecommerce providers have one-click checkout, not every retailer sees that as a top priority and something they need to give shoppers. So we need to reframe the discussion to be about how 70% of ecommerce carts are abandoned and how that represents $1 trillion in transactions. And how it's harder than ever to know who your shoppers are with privacy changes, and the importance of having more shopper accounts to be able to effectively target shoppers and personalize their experiences. How can we make these problems feel important to prospects and flip the narrative so that we come across as a company that understand their challenges and are here to help?

As you have customers who are live and see success with your product, tell their stories. When you get a customer who agrees to do an interview make the most out of that content. If they're comfortable, record the interview. Then you can turn that into a success story for your website, a slide for your pitch deck, social media posts with video snippets or quotes, and content for a virtual event. That customer validation has a big impact with prospects, especially if they have success metrics.