Product Marketing
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PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian

One of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to messaging in product marketing is trying to write to everybody at once. This comes back to the importance of who you are actually trying to reach with your content, if your language is too broad it won't land with anybody, better to be specific and make an impact with the audience you care about. This can also happen a lot when you write by committee - a surefire way to end up with sentences with many good words but don't mean much together. This is why I think it's really important to have a good chain of command for content creation > editing > publishing. If content touches too many hands it can end up in a state where it feels like a human didn't actually write it.

Vice President of Product Marketing at HackerOne
Every company wants to be the #1 in their field. I would argue that if your company is undeniably #1 in its market, you don’t often make this proclamation. People already know it. It’s very similar to the notion that “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” Companies believe that by saying they’re...more
Director of Product Marketing at Klaviyo
* Not value-oriented: They focus on features and functionality, not value and benefits * They’re not customer-centric: They aren’t putting themselves in the target audience’s shoes, to make sure the language is what customers would use and the benefits are things customers would care a...more
Head of Product Marketing at Heap
One of the biggest mistakes I see product marketers make is they forget that their buyer is human. They have appealed to business case, logic, industry research, and demonstrate ROI, but sometimes they fail to simply tell a human story. B2B software buyers are people too. And like any buyer of re...more
Head of Marketing at Instawork
It can be hard to keep messaging simple and poignant. It takes time, revs, and validation. There's pressure to get it perfect right off the bat. Or people sit and forget. Let it evolve over time.  Something I've learned is how valuable it can be to tap the emotional benefit. It's still important...more
Head of Marketing at Atrium - Data Driven Sales Management
* Several things come to mind here: Messaging is too generic: you’ve not done a good job of really identifying the audience and understanding what they care about in order to develop a specific message * Messaging doesn’t “provoke:” the objective of a message is to get your audi...more
Director of Product Marketing at Appcues
They set and forget. People change. Customers change. Needs change. So your messaging will need to change with it. For that reason, it's good to do a high-level analysis of your messaging at least annually, if not more often. Make sure it still resonates with customers, make sure additional segme...more