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Josh Chang
Director, Data & Analytics, Revenue Operations, HubSpotJanuary 24

Sometimes going straight into revenue operations isn't necessarily the best path to be successful in the field. Not to say you CAN'T go straight into RevOps, but I think it can be extremely beneficial to become a subject matter expert in a particular area that you want to support from a RevOps perspective. Some of the best RevOps analysts/strategists I've worked with were experts in Marketing, Sales, etc. first, and then moved into an operations role after gaining experience in the function. This gives you a ton of perspective and most importantly, empathy for the folx and business functions you will be supporting from a RevOps position. 

Personally, I first worked as a Marketing generalist, and then in Acquisition and Demand Generation for 5+ years before moving into revenue operations full time, so I feel pretty strongly that this is a great path towards being successful in RevOps!

Brian Vass
Vice President Revenue Operations, PaycorNovember 13

It's tough to get hired into RevOps straight out of school. The best path to go straight into RevOps is to get an internship. We've had some amazing interns that joined us as full-time associates upon graduation. As an intern, you'll get valuable exposure to the organzation and can determine if RevOps is right for you.

Other things I look for in recent graduates:

  • Business analytics courses
  • Strong Excel experience
  • Internship or other work experience that is data-driven and analytical
  • A demonstrated strong work ethic throughout school