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Josh Chang
Director, Data & Analytics, Revenue Operations, HubSpotJanuary 24

One of the most important RevOps skills that could be applied across an organization would be familiarity and expertise with data specific to teams that are being supported (i.e. Marketing or Sales). Folx working on those teams are obviously experts in their field, but they don't know what they don't know, especially from a data perspective. RevOps professionals or perspectives can help to uncover new insights that teams didn't even know existed in their datasets or tech stack, or even just help identify new problems to solve and opportunities to grow the business. I'm constantly trying to work with stakeholders to identify new "What about..." questions that my team can help them solve, that would make their day-to-day easier and most importantly, their work more impactful.

Brian Vass
Vice President Revenue Operations, PaycorNovember 17

RevOps professionals have a lot to offer other parts of the business. They have valuable experience driving GoToMarket strategies, improving processes, leveraging technology to improve productivity, using data to tell stories, and much more. These are valuable skills that are easily transferrable to other parts of the business.  

In high-growth SaaS companies, bookings are king. As a result, sales/marketing typically gets the majotiry of budget for tools & tech. RevOps professionals can take the great experience they get in sales/marketing and apply it to other parts of the business that typically don't have similar resources.

In fact, I am in the process of taking many of the best-practices we've implemented in sales/marketing and applying them to our customer implementation team.