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Aleks Bass
Vice President Product Management at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) September 7
Our team believes that success metrics have the highest likelihood of driving focus and execution quality when they are tied to our strategy and something we consistently track and explore. Our teams
DJ Chung
Senior Product Manager at Atlassian August 10
At the beginning of the project. Before we start implementation, I make sure to define:  What problem are we trying to solve and for whom? Why is this problem important to solve? What is the business
Mike Flouton
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks October 5
Metrics work best when they are continuously embedded into the process. We use OKRs, and cascade them down from top level corporate goals into product line metrics, product team metrics and sprint met
Laura Oppenheimer
Lead Product Manager at Bubble | Formerly Quizlet, CheggJuly 30
At the very beginning! It's so important to align on the why for any initiative. Why now? Why is it important? And a big part of that why is what the world will look like when you're ultimately very s