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Richard Shum
Director of Product Management at Splunk January 10
Before jumping into the "must do" work, it's best to understand the reason for doing the work.  Sometimes the "must do" work is warranted. For example, compliance could have high customer impact whic
Saloni Patil
Director of Product at MikMak | Formerly Discover, IRISeptember 30
The balance/percentage should be agreed upon by the EM and the PM and shared with the broader org for visibility. For example, in a team of 5 engineers, one engineer's time could be set aside for 'mus
Didier Varlot
Product Manager at | Formerly ClickUpDecember 15
The main risk is constantly deprioritizing the Compliance and maintenance work and building a tech debt at such a level that it will take forever to pay it back.  There are two kinds of situations: 1-