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Marvin Green
Director, Product Management at Splunk September 13
I’m wishing you a successful product pivot! You got this! In this situation, you have your internal stakeholders (sales, marketing, GTM, etc) and you have your customers you need to reset expectation
Kara Gillis
Sr. Director of Product Management at Splunk October 31
I think you say exactly that! "We're pivoting our product. There are a lot of unknowns. It's hard to plan our roadmap too far out. We're resetting expectations on how much we can communicate..." THEN
Richard Shum
Director of Product Management at Splunk January 10
Say exactly that "We're pivoting our product. There are a lot of unknowns and it's difficult to plan too far out." It's perfectly fine to communicate honestly. If there's a good reason for the pivot,
Brandon Green
Director of Product, Fulfillment at ezCater | Formerly Wayfair, Abstract, CustomMade, SonicbidsAugust 16
I've had to manage a couple different pivots like in my product career. What's worked best in terms of communicating is the following: Making clear the "why" behind the pivot, and the risk associated