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Bhaskar Krishnan
Bhaskar Krishnan
Meta Product Leadership - Ads, Personalization & ML/ AIJune 7
* Product Vision is similar to a compass for explorers! Product Vision sets the North Star for the product teams and ensures that the Product Principles, Values & Strategy aligns with the Vision on a daily basis * Its easy for Product teams to devolve into a mess of features or play ca......Read More
Samantha Ugulava
Samantha Ugulava
Atlassian Senior Product Manager, Enterprise AgilityNovember 22
Great product visions rally a team around a set of clear and concise goals. That vision represents the team's focus and can be a helpful tool when the team needs to make a decision or is starting to be misaligned.  In college, I had a marketing professor who was known by a simple tagline: "Los......Read More