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Zeeshan Qamruddin
Senior Director of Product Management, Fintech at HubSpot | Formerly Segment, WeWork, AirbnbApril 12
This is a situation that our team went through last year, scaling from 2 PMs to 10 over 12 months. Before hiring any additional PMs, we first took the time to survey the teams that existed in our curr
Patrick Davis
Group Product Manager at Google August 19
I'm not sure it is the most effective because I've really only used one strategy, but it has been effective for me. Grow your own scope, take on more than you can handle, do a good job of pitching th
Avantika Gomes
Group Product Manager, Production Experience at Figma December 22
Contrary to popular belief, it's not about writing a job description as fast as possible and starting to hire! It's important to spend some time upfront thinking about the team you are trying to build
Vasanth Arunachalam
Director, Technical Program Management at Meta | Formerly MicrosoftMay 5
Building with intent is key. As a first PM or TPM, you are often running a one-person show. You wear multiple hats and you tend to be scrappy, flexing to what the business needs you to do. That approa
Tamar Hadar
Senior Director of Product at The Knot Worldwide | Formerly Trello (Atlassian)February 3
I have been a part of small teams, large teams, a PM consultant and an entrepreneur. I have yet to scale a PM team beyond the first PM but here are the things I would consider: Structure your team ba
David Cutler
VP Product at CookUnity July 1
The first PM hired into a company, or in a division of a company, will usually be an individual who can wear different hats on any given day. (see one of my favorite product management graphics: https
Rupali Jain
Chief Product Officer at March 2
The simple answer is to hire PMs :) .  That said, I'm assuming you are asking more of how to structure the team to scale to the needs of the organization as you hire Define the discipline: Hire PMs t