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Patrick Davis
Group Product Manager at Google August 18
Oooohhhh, this is a good one and something I spend a lot of time balancing. Product owns the product and at the end of the day both gets unearned credit and unearned blame. It is your neck on the lin
Paresh Vakhariya
Director of Product Management (Confluence) at Atlassian May 10
Just like Shared KPI's between Engineering and Product Management, a similar shared KPI framework between Product Management and Marketing is a great way to build high quality products that bring cu
Tasha Alfano
Staff Product Manager, SDKs and Libraries at Twilio February 10
The partnership with Product Marketing is one of the most important functions when it comes to rolling out a successful product. Don’t read too much into the last part of that statement though, a Prod
Jacqueline Porter
Director of Product Management at GitLab December 7
I think this is one of my favorite ways of categorizing different kinds of product managers - based off of the KPI’s that they are being optimized for. Product managers who are focused on building pro
Janet Brunckhorst
Director of Product Management at Aurora Solar October 27
I generally think in terms of OKRs rather than KPIs, so here let's agree that we are talking about some shared measure of success! On our teams, Product Marketing is responsible for all communication
David Cutler
VP Product at CookUnity June 30
I love this question because it's something I'm currently involved with at CookUnity. At a B2C company the marketing team is a Product Manager's best friend, especially in the early startup days. You
Rupali Jain
Chief Product Officer at March 1
While there are different specific metrics that marketing and product teams track for product launches, what's critical is the alignment between the two and agreement on the metrics to track prior to