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Julia Szatar
Director of Product Marketing & Lifecycle Marketing at Loom August 25
See answer about Launch Frameworks! Product announcements are a growth lever, and everything the product team ships is a marketing opportunity. But, not all opportunities should be treated equally, es
Rowan Noronha
VP Product, Partner & Content Marketing at Showpad October 14
Amen, not all product launches are created equal. Some, such as releases, require 1-3 months of effort; others, minor and major, require 6-9 months on average, respectively.  Step 1 – Determine whethe
Erin Gunaratna
VP, Product Marketing at Chargebee January 21
Just like not all launches are created equal, not all companies will take the same approach to categorizing or prioritizing launch tiers. However, there are certainly patterns out there. Here are the