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Do you have a CTO, CIO or developer persona profile that you can share?
Looking for slides or document that spells out what particular personas like or don't like as well where they congregate (what media they read, what groups they follow, etc)
2 Answers
Ivan Dwyer
Ivan Dwyer
Okta Product MarketingFebruary 17
I have a fairly extensive persona methodology which I wrote about here ( Rather than get prescriptive with an explicit example here, I’ll share something I run i nto a lot that I think gets it wrong – b......Read More
Lauren Buchman
Lauren Buchman
Orb Head of MarketingApril 14
Developer personas are diverse! You could rename them "technical practitioners" to better describe this group of humans. High level, in the business world, they are the folks who put fingers on the keyboards, not the folks who write checks. The operators. Because of this, there are personas that ......Read More