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Product Marketing Career Path

22 Answers
Teresa Haun
Teresa Haun
Zendesk Senior Director, Technology Marketing and CommunicationsFebruary 5
I often like to ask, “What accomplishment are you most proud of?” as well as, “In your last performance review, what were your opportunities to improve and how have you worked to address them?” I like the question “What accomplishment are you most proud of?” because it often helps me understand w......Read More
12 Answers
Gregg Miller
Gregg Miller
Oyster® VP of Product MarketingOctober 9
30 days: Balance being an absolute sponge and learning by doing. Be a sponge by reading every doc you can get your hands on (enablement materials, case studies, team quarterly/annual plans, research studies, etc.), talking to as many prospects and customers as possible, and scheduling 1:1s with b......Read More
2 Answers
LeTisha Shaw
LeTisha Shaw
UserTesting Director, Product MarketingFebruary 26
I'd say presentation skills are pretty critical for a PMM. I've often heard other say that PMMs create "pretty slides" jokingly, but everyone knows we do far much more than that in developing positioning, messaging, enablement materials, etc. I'll I'd admit, I'm still working becoming a better pr......Read More
How do you manage people who don't necessarily report into you?
This could be while giving feedback on a piece of work? Or getting them to prioritise the project you're running.
9 Answers
Dana Barrett
Dana Barrett
Tremendous VP of MarketingOctober 16
You are 100% correct that the hardest part of a PMMs job is managing without authority. Often, PMMs rely on shared resources or centralized teams to get their job done. I have found three things work really well in managing without authority. They are all hard and take time, but they are effectiv......Read More
What separates a good PMM from a great PMM?
I'm an individual contributor at the manager level, and I'm looking to see how I can eventually get promoted to the next level!
1 Answer
Lindsay Bayuk
Lindsay Bayuk
Pluralsight CMOOctober 28
A great product marketing manager is obsessive about their craft. They study product marketing. They watch how other companies execute their product marketing. They follow practitioners and strategists on Twitter. They read all the classic books on product marketing, product management and copywr......Read More
What is the best way to prepare a mock Go-To-Market plan for a product in a very precise and concise way, when asked in an interview?
I usually come across an interview round wherein I am handed the task of preparing a mock GTM plan for a product. I find it pretty vague as expectations vary widely and I am usually confused about what all to include and how to represent. Is there any example?
11 Answers
Abdul Rastagar
Abdul Rastagar
GTM Leader | Marketing Author | Career CoachJune 12
Usually, they're testing to see if you understand how to launch a product but you are right, different hiring managers look for different things.  My recommendation is that rather than listing a long list of activities to try to catch every single item, you focus on the ones that you believe w......Read More
18 Answers
April Rassa
April Rassa
Cohere Marketing ExecutiveSeptember 29
It's key to align around a high-level story that powers success—in sales, marketing, fundraising, product development and recruiting—by getting everyone on the same page about strategy and differentiation. Alignment is difficult. If you can start with your CEO, that is key. Ultimately, your CE......Read More
5 Answers
Madeline Ng
Madeline Ng
Google Head of Marketing, Google Maps PlatformDecember 22
Your best play is to show up with an insight backed by data. I think many product marketers over-index on the product and not the market and you have an opportunity to bring market insight into the organization. Being new is actually an advantage because you won't be skewed by the history of the ......Read More
10 Answers
Brandon McGraw
Brandon McGraw
DoorDash Senior Director, Head of Product MarketingApril 1
I came from a background in brand and so my natural instincts served me most well on the outbound side of product marketing. I had my fair share of imposter syndrom in the early days when I looked at my peers and realized that I'd never done the traditional inbound work of a PMM. I spent more ......Read More
What can I include in my marketing portfolio to standout from the crowd as a product marketing candidate.
I'm new to Product Marketing. In the interviews that I've done, I am being asked to present a marketing portfolio.
15 Answers
Sharadhi (Gadagkar) Patel
Sharadhi (Gadagkar) Patel
Hopin Director, Product and Solutions MarketingJune 2
This is a great question, and one that I ask most of the candidates I interview at some point in the process. The kinds of materials I like to see are dependent on the job they’re being hired for, but generally speaking pitch decks, sales one-pagers, competitive battlecards, messaging docs, launc......Read More