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How do you manage launches when the product team has a difficult time sticking to timelines?
This makes launches pretty difficult to manage without creating large lapses in communication.
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How do you build an active and engaged developer community? What is your take on Developer Evangelists?
Working on building awareness for and hiring Developer Evangelists, PMMs and Customer Relationship Managers.
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How do you perform extensive competitive product research?
I've been tasked with it but I'm missing the mark. This research is for the CEO and Product/Engineering teams who want to know how our tech stacks up in the market. Do you have any tips?
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What are the best product demonstration videos you've seen?
I'm creating product demo videos for a client. What are the best product demonstration videos you've seen? These are not the 90-sec explainer videos, but short videos demonstrating actual software products.
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Our company targets both business customers and developers building apps on top of our platform. I’m a non-technical PMM and the first marketing hire in the company. As our marketing team grows, when should we bring a DevRel into the team?
Our business model is product-led-growth. How should we prioritize bringing in a DevRel vs. other critical functions like content and demand generation as we grow our team and want to do it efficiently?
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What are the top three most important factors when marketing to developers (i.e. robust documentation, etc)?
Given some developers will read documentation, evaluate and start to build before interacting with sales/ broader website -->
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Do you have a CTO, CIO or developer persona profile that you can share?
Looking for slides or document that spells out what particular personas like or don't like as well where they congregate (what media they read, what groups they follow, etc)
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