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3 Answers
Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews Sr. Director of Product MarketingJune 25
At HubSpot our PMMs are aligned by product line and are aligned to a Product director and GM, although we still meet regularly with our individual PMs. I think in general we try and tell a higher level story that doesn't really focus too much on any one feature but often certain features are v......Read More
Patty Medberry
Patty Medberry
Cisco Head of Product Marketing, Cisco IoTJuly 27
Successful product marketing, even outside of launches, requires close collaboration with the product management team. I encourage the PM team to consider product marketing as part of their team. Attending their staff meetings, business/planning meetings, and regular sync-ups are a must to unders......Read More
Tracy Montour
Tracy Montour
HiredScore Head of Product MarketingJuly 29
Product and Product Marketing need to be closely integrated in order to be successful. I like to think of Product Marketing as the bridge between the technical product details (which the PM owns) and the rest of the business. The PM should provide your with details on the feature in the form of a......Read More