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Ajit Ghuman
Director of Pricing and Packaging, Twilio Flex, Twilio | Formerly Narvar, Medallia, Helpshift, Feedzai, Reputation.comFebruary 21

Hi There, 

When I was in your position trying to get my mind around Pricing, I faced the same challenge. 

I do not think there is a decent course on software pricing out today - they are either too theoretical or too much about analytics models. 

I do however refer to Tom Tunguz's blogs and articles for his simplicity and clarity on the topic of pricing. 

You might want to read my book on the topic, linked here .

Finally, if I get enough interest/demand I might run a course myself in the next quarter. Please indicate your interest in this form

Jonathan Brandon
Head of Monetization & Pricing Strategy, IntercomDecember 4

Me too! I was, uh, lucky enough to study Economics in college then spend 15 years in the financial services industry. This gave me a really solid background in research and quantitative analysis. While I haven't taken it, I have heard excellent things about the Reforge Monetization + Pricing course.

Many things can be learned outside of class. Here's a super condensed list of reading material I highly recommend. They're not all directly related to pricing & packaging, but have informed how I think and should be understood, especially from the perspective of PMM:

  • The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing, Thomas Nagle
  • Monetizing Innovation, by Madhavan Ramanujam
  • To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink
  • Payoff, Dan Ariely
  • Never Split The Difference, Christopher Voss
  • Obviously Awesome, April Dunford

Also, read the content from Patrick Campbell (Price Intelligently), Lincoln Murphy (SixteenVentures ), and Kyle Poyar (OpenView ) and listen to Zuora's Subscribed podcast

Chris Mills
VP of Marketing, AmbitionApril 9

The Professional Pricing Society (PPS) offers courses and a formal certifcation program - Certified Pricing Professional (CPP).

Their course offerings include topics like:  

  • Core Pricing Skills 
  • Best Practices in Pricing Analytics 
  • Value Based Pricing and Value Modeling \
  • Best Practices for Pricing Execution
  • Pricing and Corporate Strategy
  • ... (and a bunch of others)

Pramatic Institute (formerly Pragmatic Marketing) also offers Pricing courses ( Analyst/Advisory firms like SiriusDecisions (now part of Forester) also offer pricing courses ( Also, most business schools offer courses in pricing that may be available to non-full-time students.  

Vanessa Sorenson
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, SailthruDecember 9

I personally really enjoy the Pragmatic Marketing courses. They just debuted a pricing course not too long ago that I thought was pretty interesting. I highly recommend any of their courses!