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Do you prioritize features based on their revenue potential?
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Matt Hodges
Head of Marketing, Confluence at Atlassian December 14
This all depends on both your pricing and company strategy, which together determine to what degree revenue opportunity should be weighted when making roadmap decisions. Are you currently focused on o
Abhiroop Basu
Product Manager at Square January 12
The mistake some Product Marketers make is to only think about net new revenue potential. For example, let’s say you are deciding between two features that will take equal amounts of development time.
Swaroop Sham
Group Product Marketing Manager - (CIAM / API Products) at Wiz April 29
"Be pragmatic"Yes - sometimes, deals tend to have revenue opportunities linked to them, and the PMM-PM team needs to decide on the trade-offs about making changes to the roadmap that have revenue link
Alex Chahin
VP of Marketing at Titan | Formerly Lyft, Hims & Hers, American ExpressMay 19
Many things should play a role in shaping the product roadmap. That might include customer insights, market opportunities, current customer satisfaction, and beyond.  Willingness to pay (WTP) should
Yannick Kpodar
Chief Marketing Officer, Dalenys & Xpollens Payment Solutions at Natixis September 10
Customer willingness to pay is crucial. You can create a product, but if it's not seen as a must-have for your customer, they won't purchase. Focus on building a product that meets a real need, which