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How can Product Marketing best influence pricing when owned by a function other than PM? For example, Strategy or Bids/Tender Rev Ops team
In the industry I work in (B2B healthtech) almost all contracts go out to public tender, and sales cycles are extremely long. I'd like to be more involved in pricing, but at the moment I don't even have visibility of contracts that are negotiated/pricing, only overall value of deals. The decisions around pricing are all decided during that Bids/Tender application process, through a combination of C-suite /Strategy/Rev Ops. I am responsible for competitive positioning, and our entire GTM approach centres around the 'more for more' position, but I just have nothing to do with actually setting pricing.
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What can I include in my marketing portfolio to standout from the crowd as a product marketing candidate.
I'm new to Product Marketing. In the interviews that I've done, I am being asked to present a marketing portfolio.
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How do you enable sales reps to sell higher priced packages vs your lower priced offerings?
Our lower priced offerings seem to be the biggest competitors of our enterprise packages.
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What is your approach to a new feature launch and how to price & package it in relation to existing plan tiers?
E.g. Should the new feature be an add-on or bundled? Should there be an increase in price?
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Any advice for creating a pricing strategy for a value-based B2C subscription product for a brand new company?
I know what my competitors and similar products are charging, but I'm trying to figure out how to estimate conversion, churn, and customer lifetime for my product. We are a brand new company (so no existing branding or customer trust), we are B2C in the healthcare & fitness space, and we have a value-based product - i.e. not media streaming, or physical goods - like Medium. Any thoughts or resources about how to approach this analysis would be helpful. Thanks!
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How do we capture competitor pricing in a sales-led enterprise business?
My sales team at my B2B software company wants to know more about how our competitors price their products.
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