Stephanie Zou
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Figma

I believe that it’s the PMM’s responsibility to make sure your internal teams are informed about a release. If your internal teams aren’t well-versed in what’s new, how do you expect your external customers to be?

Some things we currently do: 

  • Setup Slack channel(s) for release updates and launches that everyone at the company can join and follow along
  • Enable sales, support, success (basically any customer-facing team) at an opportune learning time (their time zone, not Monday mornings or Friday afternoons). For a release that introduces substantial change to the product, processes, or customer experience, you may need to do multiple enablement sessions. For smaller updates, a short Slack post in the sales team channel will do. 
  • Dog food your own feature. The best internal communication and marketing tool is using your own feature.
  • Get your whole company excited. I am a big believer in internal marketing before a public launch. So you can think about doing things like presenting at lunch and learns/all hands, making posters, or organizing an internal celebration.  

As we get bigger, I would probably introduce things like internal newsletters and more in-depth enablement programs and certifications.

Priya Kotak
Product Marketing at Figma
Methods for keeping everyone up to date will vary from company to company, based on the communication norms in place. At Figma, here are some of the ways we keep internal teams up-to-date today: * Push out internal comms: At Figma, we primarily use Slack over email. We have a channel called ...more