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What is the best path for someone to break into Product Marketing for someone who is not fresh out of college?
I have 6 years of work experience across different functions (strategy and innovation consulting, budget management, product, marketing) and an MBA with concentrations in marketing and strategy. I have applied to both entry-level and mid-level roles and have been told that I am too senior for the junior roles and too junior for the mid-level roles. Any advice?
1 Answer
Christy Roach
Christy Roach
Airtable Senior Director, Portfolio & Engagement Product MarketingOctober 9
There are two things I think you can do to help you here. One is stupidly easy, one is harder. Let’s start with the hard one first: You might need to readjust your compensation or seniority expectations to get the role you want. You clearly have great experience and training, and I don’t think y......Read More