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2 Answers
Agustina Sacerdote
Agustina Sacerdote
Square Global Head of PMM and Content Marketing, TIDALMarch 25
Frankly, #1 is cost. Industry reports tend to be expensive and often times too generic. I find that they're only worth it when there's a large organizational (wider than Marketing) need for basic industry or segment knowledge, like when the company as a whole is assessing new markets. Start with ......Read More
Jeffrey Vocell
Jeffrey Vocell
Panorama Education Head of Product MarketingDecember 15
I don't think it's a question of industry reports VS in-house research, It's "And" and looking at both to get the full picture. Oftentimes big publications, or analysts will run industry reports which can be great for broad market understanding and numbers but in-house research can help fill-in s......Read More