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Farheen Noorie
Senior Director of Product Management at Zendesk April 21
+1 to arbitrary! I think setting goals for both new and existing markets may feel like excel magic, some numbers that are based on mainly assumptions and the product manager's gut. Its uncomfortable a
Virgilia Kaur Pruthi (she/her)
Principal PM Manager / Product Leader at Microsoft | Formerly AmazonFebruary 1
Such a great question! When you first set a KPI especially if you are in a new market and/or in a new product/customer space, it can feel uneasy. The best way I have learned is by setting something an
Mani Fazeli
Director of Product at Shopify December 15
Setting KPIs should not feel arbitrary. That's a smell. It means that the people choosing those metrics or setting their targets don't clearly understand how they influence the business or the outcome
Jacqueline Porter
Director of Product Management at GitLab July 27
This is a great question. I am a fan of actually being ambitious and setting unrealistic targets or stretch goals and seeing where we end up in the first couple of reporting periods. To get a dose of
Nico Rattazzi
VP of Products at DOZR February 23
I would start by understanding what is the company being graded on by its investors and how is this new product going to deliver/contribute to that KPI. Let's say your investors are keen on seeing rev