Product Management KPI's

How do you measure the performance of the product team, considering only product managers, group product managers and product head?
Some companies go through challenges such as excessive bugs, refactoring, in many cases we have the company pursuing the delivery of short-term projects and sometimes the product team is the driver. Do you believe it is possible to demand performance from a product team based on individual delivery?
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How do you scale your customer feedback loop?
You're collecting feedback from many sources. What tools or techniques do you use to scale this process to prevent bottlenecks when disseminating information?
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How have you dealt with possible overlaps between Product Managers, Business Owners and Marketing?
I was just reading an article by Marty Cagan about the scenario of Business Owners "versus" Product Managers, especially for companies using a matrix organization. Now, I'm living in a similar situation, and not only in the case of Business Owners, but it seems that depending on the side of the organization, the scope of Product Managers is divided more than expected, causing various types of issues. So, I'm curious if other companies, big or small, have also had to deal with this. Here's the link to the article:
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How do you define and set SLAs with engineers?
I'm currently struggling to define checkout error rates for our e-commerce platform. We're currently at 1.5%. Personally, I think it's too high. However, I have nothing to substantiate my opinion.
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