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Caroline Walthall
Director of Product Marketing at Quizlet | Formerly UdemyJanuary 14
I think it really depends on the scope and scale of launch and your launch cadence. It’s important to strategize with company leaders and your head of PR to agree on an ideal product launch cadence in
Emily Ritter
VP of Marketing at Mode Analytics August 6
The heyday of product launch PR is behind us. Ah, the good ol’ days. ;)These days you need truly innovative product stories and/or proven business impact to get solid coverage. Customer or human inter
Julien Sauvage
VP, Corporate and Product Marketing at Clari September 7
It all starts with a unique point of view. So you need to have a strong messaging for every persona - across decision makers, business users, technical users, ecosystem, partners. And that messaging a
Naman Khan
Chief Marketing Officer at Blend March 17
PR can be a major component of a launch plan & your marketing mix. At Dropbox, our PR teams engage with the major media outlets that cover Dropbox, like Fast Company, Wired, Fortune etc to help th