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Sarah Din
VP of Product Marketing at Quickbase December 1

The only way to ensure that is to have a really strong and clear messaging strategy that is documented and shared across your entire company. That should also consistently reflect in any sales content you create to make that more actionable - so if you deliver really great sales pitch materials, the team will actually use them

Secondly, do continuous training.

Charles Tsang
Head of Marketing at Pinwheel February 8

Fintech is definitely a dynamic and ever evolving space – which makes it super exciting! What’s interesting about Visa’s role here is that we sit at the center as a network and have exposure to and partner with fintechs of various shapes and sizes. So speaking a common language is less of an issue at Visa given our extensive engagement in fintech (we like to think of ourselves as the world’s first fintech).

That said, this is a super valid question. Standard messaging documents that sales reps can utilize to ensure there is a common talk track are beneficial. These sometimes operate as standalone documents or could be anchored with a product/solution pitch deck (as a part of the speaker notes).

What I’ve also seen work well, especially when it comes to ensuring sales reps have a common understanding of relevant industry dynamics, is to create an internal education content series. For example, when I was working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, our Sales Enablement teams did a phenomenal job of creating internal training content on different industry trends impacting our customers – e.g., Cloud Transformation, Big Data. These helped to get reps educated on the latest industry trends and also how to talk to customers about these topics.