Ryan Fleisch
Head of Product Marketing, Real-Time CDP & Audience Manager at Adobe

It should be collaborative and I would somewhat divide and conquer by you setting up the enablement you know will be needed based on your PMM roadmap such as product launches and other new collateral (comp intel, pitch decks, research reports, etc…), and by sales leaders coming to the table with where they see their teams needing more help. Maybe it’s in deals around a certain use case, for a certain industry, or against a certain competitor. All this should be clear from the sales op data you have and allow you to build a program around it to support it.

Calvina Cheng
Head of Product Marketing at Zeplin
I’d say it’s 50/50. Sales will always have lots of ideas and requests :) On the other side, I don’t want to spend my time creating content that Sales won’t use. It’s a good practice to understand WHY Sales is requesting certain content. Sales might request a detailed feature-by-feature competitiv...more
Charles Tsang
Head of Marketing at Pinwheel
In my experience it’s a healthy mix. A few key factors (not exhaustive) can should influence the type (and volume) of sales enablement content you deliver in a quarter: * Stage of product lifecycle: How mature is the product and where is it in its lifecycle? This usually will dictate the vol...more
Animesh Bajpai
Associate Director - Product Marketing at Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics
As Ryan said it has to be a collaborative effort. We have created a matrix where sales stages, marketing stages and product marketing stages are overlapped, and then map the content accordingly. This is how we identify which content piece needs to be developed. This is how we also check if the co...more