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For a heavily dev-centric product, how do you approach the balance between classic content/SEO, product marketing, and sales enablement - and how do you find the right channels to reach out to developers vs. commercial audiences?
What are some considerations when setting up a Product Marketing discipline to keep the focus on the product value for developers, without sacrificing expectations from the commercial teams?
2 Answers
Ivan Dwyer
Ivan Dwyer
Okta Product MarketingFebruary 18
Great question, I get in arguments about this all the time! Heh. You ask the question the right way - it’s about balance. Starting with my least favorite topic – SEO! The benefits of SEO isn’t lost on me, but for technical products, authenticity trumps all IMHO. I always cringe when I come acros......Read More
James Fang
James Fang
mParticle Vice President of Product MarketingDecember 7
The most important thing here is to ensure there is consistency and alignment across the entire company on the GTM motion, and the metrics that matter. While a large number of dev-centric companies deploy a bottoms-up PLG type of motion, it is not the exclusive model. Many also deploy top-down mo......Read More