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Ivan Dwyer
Product Marketing at Okta February 17
I’m a huge proponent of Jobs To Be Done, both for building products and for marketing products – in product marketing, though, you don’t necessarily have to be able to do the job of your audience, but
James Fang
Vice President of Product Marketing at mParticle December 7
Great PMM teams have balance, across the dimensions of positioning & messaging, communication, industry depth, and technical expertise. It's rare to find the "unicorn" PMM that is outstanding accr
Steve Feyer
Product Marketing Director at Eightfold May 22
I don't believe that any technical skills are required in product marketing. However there are a few caveats to that blanket statement. You should be as technically proficient as your target custome
Jon Rooney
Vice President Product Marketing at Unity | Formerly Splunk, New Relic, Microsoft, OracleNovember 22
As a product marketer, you should strive to have the same degree of functional understanding and empathy as a product manager and the same ability to contextualy step through/use the product as any te