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Lindsey Weinig
Director of Product Marketing at Twilio August 16
Getting messaging into the market is the best true test. Depending on the key channel you wish you utilize the messaging this may come in the form of marketing or sales initiatives and varies based on
Molly Friederich
Director of Product Marketing at | Formerly Twilio, SendGridSeptember 15
For rapid message testing, I'll rely on channel metrics that we've set baselines for in the past. Ideally you're able to identify message tests as experiments with explicit goals, for example, to incr
Indy Sen
Hypergrowth Leader and Advisor at | Formerly Google, Salesforce, Box, Mulesoft, WeWork, MatterportFebruary 3
The best way to rapidly test whether your messaging is working as intended is to deliver it to your sales reps or other collaborators and see whether it helps them or not. Ideallly, you'd equip a few