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Mike Greenberg
Director of Product Marketing at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) January 4
I'd describe positioning as how we want to be perceived in the market, and messaging as the customer-facing language that proves it. But in practice, I've rarely (if ever) had this specific conversati
Molly Friederich
Director of Product Marketing at | Formerly Twilio, SendGridSeptember 15
I generally anchor to the time-horizon and the purpose. Borrowing from April Dunford, positioning is "context setting for prospects." Once you've established your positioning (which takes time, espec
Indy Sen
Hypergrowth Leader and Advisor at | Formerly Google, Salesforce, Box, Mulesoft, WeWork, MatterportFebruary 3
Positioning is the precursor to messaging.  If you don't know who your product is for, what it's good for and how it's different from other products in its space, then it will be very hard to come up