I'm a product marketer who has never had to work with sales before because I've always worked for low-cost B2C SaaS companies that have a short marketing funnel without handholding needed for sales. I'm currently working with an early-stage client that is just starting to put together marketing materials and email flows.
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Justin Graci
Principal Marketing Manager - Product GTM & Enablement, HubSpotNovember 22

Sounds like you've entered a fun career path! Prior to working at HubSpot, I worked at a startup/scaleup and learned a ton about being scrappy.

I might need a bit more context on exactly what type of support you mean, but if I can read between the lines a bit, I'll do my best to provide a few tips. It sounds like you're doing two things... 1) creating content sales can use and 2) creating nurture email flows to support sales. So let me break that into two sections

Creating sales content:

  • I'd recommend partnering with someone who is close to your product, but also understands the customer pains that the product solves. Either a product marketer or sales engineer.
  • Set up a cadance that you'll meet with them going forward (maybe weekly to start getting things moving)
  • Work with them to identify the top pain points customers are dealing with when they don't have your solution, and how your solution helps them solve those pains. This can be your first set of assets you create content around.
  • I'd also recommend identifying 1-5 sales reps who are willing to be champions for marketing
  • Meet with them regularly and find out what they need to support their selling -- is it a pitch deck? is it a one pager they can send out? talk tracks, snippets, etc?
  • Prioritize quality over quantity. Sales might ask for everything, but prioritize and don't take on too much at once. 

For email flows:

  • I'd first start with some sort of MQL / SQL framework if you haven't already
  • Then I'd identify a conversion path for prospects/buyers and figure out the best emails to trigger based on where they are in their buying journey
Harsha Kalapala
Vice President, Product Marketing, AlertMedia | Formerly TrustRadius, Levelset, WalmartNovember 2

For startups building this from scratch, I’d throw out any best practices and build what’s needed for your unique situation. I would think about laying out the sales process and the buyer’s journey. Build your assets for the buyer’s journey overall and assess what parts of that journey are sales interactions. Refer to the top 7 core assets I mentioned in a different question in this AMA - that will be a good place to start.

Overall, I highly recommend making your approach buyer journey-oriented vs. sales enablement oriented.

Molly Friederich
Director of Product Marketing, Sanity.io | Formerly Twilio, SendGridMay 25

Congrats, scrappy startup phase is exciting, lots of opportunity to make a big impact! 

I suggest starting by getting a baseline understanding of their sales cycle today. What has their approach been? Where are they seeing success, and where are they bottlenecked? Your focus should be different if they're not able to get in the door (help them with ICP insights and positioning for outbound targeting!) vs. struggle to get from first call to pitch (work on discovery questions!). 

As you go through the sales cycle with the team, "feed two birds with one scone" by mining for customer stories among the wins they've landed. Package those up into callouts for outbound emails!

Given you asked about process, I'd focus on a regular cadence of connection between you and the sales team to build a relationship and shared understanding of priorities in an ongoing manner. Use that time to learn what the latest experiments have been, and how you can build on what they're seeing works.