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Justin Graci
Principal Marketing Manager - Product GTM & Enablement at HubSpot November 23
Our product marketing team meets with the sales team fairly regularly. We have a few formats: Monthly 'sales feedback panel' meeting Monthly marketing/sales showcase townhall (where marketing walks t
Vanessa Thompson
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio October 27
I meet with someone in sales, in some capacity, every few days. Before I hopped into this AMA, I was listening in (live) to a roundtable discussion with some key customers hosted by a product leader.
Harsha Kalapala
Vice President Product Marketing at AlertMedia | Formerly TrustRadius, Levelset, WalmartNovember 2
I find meeting with the larger team separately not to be an effective use of time. Instead my team tags on to existing sales meetings regularly when they have it, and request a few minutes ahead of ti
Charles Tsang
Head of Marketing at Pinwheel February 10
For me personally I meet with the sales team at a minimum on a weekly basis. This is usually time well spent as I get visibility into the deals they are working and where there may or may not be road
Lizzie Yarbrough de Cantor
Director of Product Marketing, Risk at AuditBoard October 27
I have a couple of weekly touchpoints with my sales team. We hold a weekly pipeline review where all of marketing and sales leadership sit together and review the state of our pipeline and try to get
Heather Smith
Product Manager at Salesloft | Formerly RackspaceJanuary 19
Several folks from Marketing (including myself) attend weekly sales meetings, and we have a Demand Marketer who meets 1x1 with our enterprise reps frequently. We also hold semi-annual territory planni