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5 Answers
Calvina Cheng
Calvina Cheng
Zeplin Head of Product MarketingFebruary 22
I meet with the sales leaders and sit with the AEs on a regular basis to understand what’s useful, how they’re using the enablement materials, and where the gaps are. Even though sometimes we think we’ve done a ton of training on a certain topic (new feature launch, competitor), if it’s not relev......Read More
Catlyn Origitano
Catlyn Origitano
Fivetran Senior Director of Product MarketingApril 13
We use Workramp for formal trainings - so we can see with that tool completion rates and if there are quizzes or assesments, how folks did on those. We have more informal training sessions called Scoops for our sales / csm team and then a Technical Scoop for our technical teams. We also hold offi......Read More
Molly Friederich
Molly Friederich Director of Product MarketingMay 25
This is tough to measure quantitatively without tooling in place to track how often collateral is used, so if that's an option for you, start there. Then be curious about what assets are used most often because they're familiar/readily available, and what assets are actually the most strategic. ......Read More
Dave Kong
Dave Kong
Cohere Head of Product MarketingJanuary 16
I'd break this question out into two separate ones: 1) How do you track internal adoption of sales enablement content? and 2) How do you track internal adoption of sales enablement? 1) How do you track internal adoption of sales enablement content? (heard quite often) If you have a tool (......Read More
Savita Kini
Savita Kini
Cisco Director of Product Management, Speech and Video AIJanuary 19
In addition to the above, since most companies are already using SFDC, there is a feature/plug-in SFDC - called altify where you could align content for sales based on type of accounts / segments etc which would include all the things they might need for a successful first conversation - slides, ......Read More
James Winter
James Winter
Spekit VP of MarketingAugust 22
Pat and Sean did a great job answering with some more tactical approaches so I'll be brief with a couple tips.    There are purpose built tools like Inkling that can be a great way to enable massive sales teams, but they require a ton of investment to do well. Webinars and quizzes are things th......Read More