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Josh Colter
Head of Marketing, WovenMay 30
Demand gen needs a strong POV to differentiate the company in noisy channels. Content from subject matter experts can build trust while evangelizing the brand. Here are ways PMMs can participate with campaign ideas: * Company narrative takes based on industry/market research  * Customers who are succeeding with the product * Content from SMEs that would be useful and demonstrate credibility
Daniel Kuperman
Head of Product Marketing, ITSM, Atlassian
I believe that adding more people to your team needs to follow the needs of the business. This means making sure you can break down the goals or OKRs that you, as a PMM leader, is responsible for and outlining the key initiatives that will help you achieve them. Part of this exercise is to also identify what you can and what you cannot do with the current team. For example, you may list out things such as "create competitor battle cards, conduct win/loss analysis, write 3 new whitepapers, implement a new campaign strategy". Great, you have all of these key initiatives that you have connecte...
Patrick Cuttica
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Square
I'm running out of time! See the answer above to the question "I wanna make the case to hire some more product marketers - we're a team of 2 for a company of 400. Whats the ratio where you are? Have you seen any external data on this?" -- I think I mostly covered this in that answer.  In short, we have a Go-to-Market team focused on the commercialization of our product straetgy and a Sales Readiness team focused on competitve/market intel, analyst relations and sales content developmenet. And our key partners are Solutions Engineers and Sales Enablement. 
Sara Rosso
Director of Product Marketing, HubSpot | Formerly Early hire @ Automattic (, WordPress VIP)
See this answer for how we work as a 100% distributed company. We work a lot in "public." As for updates, the entire company publishes bi-weekly updates on a special p2/site that's meant to aggregate the most important updates from each team or division across the company. This is the opportunity for the team to highlight wins, lessons learned, or changes the rest of the company shouldn't miss. And it's great to be able to link to specific project, research, or test results for more details without overwhelming the person reading.
Sarah Din
VP of Marketing,
Internal comms is sometimes undervalued, but in my opinion, it is one of the most important parts of a PMM's role, especially because product marketing is one of the very few roles that are extremely cross-functional and sits between multiple teams. Here are few ways I've seen it work best: * For major XF projects, have regular update emails so that you can make sure you are bringing everyone along the journey and it does not feel like you are working in a black box. * Internal newsletters (whatever cadence works for your org). We partner with the product team on a monthly newsl...
Alexa Scordato
PMO, TikTok
Where to start? Every company has different policies for promotion criteria, but ultimately it needs to take into account 2 things: merit and business need. Business need has to come first. It means that there's a larger scope of a role that needs to be done - more responsibility and complexity within an org / team - and there's now an opportunity or need for someone to fill that. If that doesn't exist, promotions shouldn't be happening arbitrarily. I recongize that especially within startups, individual contributors want to grow and should be recognized for their efforts, but when merit su...
Katherine Kelly
Head of Product Marketing, Benchling | Formerly ExactTarget (Salesforce Marketing Cloud), Zendesk, Slack, Salesforce
Trick question! All my teams have been equally fantastic and I love them all the same. BUT I would say that one thing I focus on is trying to develop PMM teams that know how to collaborate. There's a lot of focus on "coverage" and areas of ownership -- but in all my teams I've forced matrices and collaboration and sometimes it's been hard but in all cases I've been proud of the way the team grows when they work together and learn to lean on each other.